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Wallpaper Dep(t)hine by Gotterdam16 Wallpaper Dep(t)hine :icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 2 0
Mature content
Insert Witty Title Here :icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 1 0
CAUTION: Bridge to ??? by Gotterdam16 CAUTION: Bridge to ??? :icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 1 0
She sits defensively
back against the wall
facing the center of the room
glowering at the timepiece on the wall
as if the passage of time
directly influences
her current mood
as if the seconds that tick by
are the cause of her misery
perhaps it is so
but perhaps it is because
the person of interest
is in the general direction of
the timepiece on the wall.
:icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 2 8
(Starting) The Freshman Experience
Introductions are hard.
After all the “hype”
One syllable, one action, one vibe (or more)
And the impression is made.
Consider the following
The second introduction.
Yes, that was hard.
Yes, my face is blank(?)
And yes, I’m telling you this
Maybe because it’s what I want to say
And what I want you to hear
But maybe because it is straightforward and concise
The way most every teacher in my grade school experience had taught me to do.
You’re lost?
I’m lost too
And I wrote this
Under the guise of nightfall
Punk cabaret serenades at volume 15
And the hum of the refrigerator at the oh so distant
5 feet away.
I have
In the process of four days
Trapped my foot between a sidewalk and various plant life
Walked around a building 10 times trying to find a “North”
Ran away from purple capped water sprinklers rising to life
Written a first draft version of this poem in 25 minutes
And scrapped it in 20 seconds.
I have
Met people that I
:icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 1 1
KH-72 (Harris) by Gotterdam16 KH-72 (Harris) :icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 1 7
Mature content
ObLIVEion :icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 1 2
Eighth Grade
Eighth Grade
A recitation of the Preamble
Which does, in fact, introduce
The purpose of the articles that define
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Of which a
“Promote the General Welfare”
Is unsurprisingly
By the general public.
The difference between a group of objects
And a group of people
Is that a group of people
Have cultures; have civilizations
Whereas a group of objects
Can be referred to in Math class as “x”.
If all we need is Love,
Why don’t we want it?
:icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 1 2
Ruby Ring
    Lately I’ve been noticing these lights across the room. Sometimes they’re blue, sometimes they’re red. The lights are sometimes circular, sometimes elliptical, always on the other side of whatever room I am in.
>Did they do anything other than being blue or red?
    Just the other night the lights echoed. They were red, by the way. Couldn’t hear what the echo was exactly, it was something that just made some sort of noise. But now that I think about it, the noise was more of a thought, an emotion, than a noise. It was like if a hive of bees buzzed out a message, call it severe tinnitus and I probably would slap you. Take that for ringing in your ears, eh?
> Ha ha, that’s funny Mx. Martin. What happened next?
    I woke up the next morning with my tongue feeling like someone dunked it in superglue, dragged it across a field of cotton and then got tossed into a pool of chlorine.
>That’s quite a visual.
:icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 1 1
Only One Game-- Chapter 1: Relations
7:30 AM
It seems that nearly every bad day starts off with the unfortunate necessity of a blaring alarm clock.
8:00 AM
Now the bloody car won’t start. Great.
8:15 AM
Five attempts at starting the car later, the engine rattles to life. Hopefully it wouldn’t decide to rattle apart on the highway, but even so, it wouldn’t cost anyone anymore time.
9:38 AM
The car finally putters into the car park at work. Eight minutes late. Ten minutes to the penthouse to get a lecture. Two minutes of awkward silence as the CEO fumbles with the keys. An apology for arriving at the same time as a late white collar worker.
-I’ll let you off with a warning because I was stuck too. Right behind this one driver whose car was rattling up a storm.
9:50 AM
Receptionist giving me strange looks. Facial expressions ranged from annoyed to surprise to forced happiness. Turns out a fellow co-worker was fired for being lat
:icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 1 1
Only One Game-- Prolougue: The Beginning
Janice Calabash opened her eyes to see a gigantic fly buzz curiously near the carcass in front of her and quickly closed them again. Once I get out of here, I’m never going to do this quest ever again.
The Quest Master had described it as “something for a friend, a big friend mind you, not exactly the best thing to look at – his face I mean. Well… that’s the favor I’m asking you for: could you feed him? As to what he eats, well, let’s just say he’s not that picky about anything. As long as it is dead anyway.”
:icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 0 1
Oh? My Feelings?
They are none of your concern.
:icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 1 0
Dear _____,
Dear _____,
I wish to tell you something.
A tale in which Death knocked on my door.
I greeted her with a mixture of shame and anxiety
But above all, respect, because I was taught to be respectful
Shame and anxiety
Shame’s brought about by peers
And anxiety because I had left the kettle on and it was starting to whistle but someone was at the door.
I invited her in
Sat her down on the couch
We had an intermission
Talked about how my life was going
How my life had gone
She asked if I had a good day
I shrugged.
I had better.
I asked if she wanted a cuppa
She politely refused
And then explained why she refused.
I didn’t dwell on the matter
The thing is, this letter’s for you
You shouldn’t dwell on such matters like death
It’s morbid actually,
“the answer to life, the universe, and everything”
Is 42
Life expectancy for my ancestors were at most 60 revolutions around the sun
Last year I was 41
Go figure.
I wish I could tell you more
Direct you
:icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 2 0
Green is Not a Creative Color by Gotterdam16 Green is Not a Creative Color :icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 2 0 Are you trying to say something? by Gotterdam16 Are you trying to say something? :icongotterdam16:Gotterdam16 2 3


Royal Rats - Prologue
“Get him! Don’t let the filthy rat escape!” The captain barked.
A stampede of guards barreled down the halls chasing after a shadow that mocked then in swift silence. They would see his shadow loom along the walls at every turn and corner and would think that he was close. That he was in their reach. But the shadow would slip through their fingers and appear in another corridor. He would stop then slip away at the last second just before they could even see them.
It was evident that he was mocking how slow they were.
Or maybe boasting his inhuman speed.
The clad in black figure was an incredibly fast man. That was all they could determine as he fled down the wing. The rat was the embodiment of silence. As he ran, his boots hardly made a sound. No one could hear his breath as he ran. Not even the tattered hood he donned made a sound as he conquered every sharp turn. He seemed to blend into the inky dark, dim candlelight betraying his lack of presence.
One guard caught
:iconcutiesoul159:CutieSoul159 3 0
Nexians by CutieSoul159 Nexians :iconcutiesoul159:CutieSoul159 3 0
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:iconikazon:ikazon 1,069 1,085
Dave Stewart by BevisMusson Dave Stewart :iconbevismusson:BevisMusson 4 2
Kind Eyes
I still remember them 
Aged, fading orbs
How they carried years of knowledge
and much needed kindness.
I remember
The joy in them
How they lit up
Like gentle embers
I remember the gaze
Often distant
Often curious
But they broke into warmth when you saw me
Years later
They began to fade
And with them
Your memories
Yet somehow
You saw me
You sought me
Your eyes still carried my old image
Now today
You no longer see
You no longer cry
You no longer have a gaze in your old eyes
However, my eyes
Remember their kindness
Their sweet warmth
And their comfort
Those kinds eyes are not forgotten
Your memories are not faded
You are still here
Still watching those who have your love
:iconcutiesoul159:CutieSoul159 6 0
Sky High by 8bitAutomaton Sky High :icon8bitautomaton:8bitAutomaton 4 0
Associative Imagery: Uses in Poetry and Prose (1)
Gwendolyn Brooks in her poem, "Boy Breaking Glass", rips through the surrounding context of a young boy throwing stones through windows and superimposes a diagram of cultural cause and effect. Instead of simply writing about the action and the immediate consequences of the seemingly simple action, she analyzes the web of cultural motivations that keep the boy from doing anything other than breaking glass. The figure observed in her poem is no lawless vandal, shattering glass simply for the sake of easing an itching arm.     
“I shall create! If not a note, a hole.   
If not an overture, a desecration.” 
Out of the desire to create a lasting meaning, the boy reacts in a violent, virtuosic manner, shattering glass to hear the sound of his suppression physically shattering. Breaking glass in this poem is a gateway image, leading the poet and the audience through a wind
:icontheglassiris:TheGlassIris 3 0
A Podcast, a Cover, and the Polar Vortex
So, first and foremost, my fiance's comic has just gotten a great podcast review, you can find the journal entry on such with the necessary links here: Seems that they liked it overall and I am very excited that the comic has withstood its first review!
On another note, :iconrayn44: has done it again and made another amazing cover for my Star Wars story: The appropriate chapters have been updated with the cover as is the norm for these things.
Now for another matter, the polar vortex and what exactly that means.
Basically the polar vortex in the simplest layman's terms ever is a big swirling mass of cold air. There are actually two of them, one over the South Pole and one over the North Pole. Currently the northern one has moved south and is shitting all over the US and Canada at the moment. This has prompted a lot of amusingly (and
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 1 7
Let it Burn
Warmth. A common desire.
One we seek in more ways than one
Something not found in just fire.
But close to what we feel from the sun
We find warmth in friends
In family
But what if
Just what if we lose it?
All of it
And it caught us by surprise?
Then it becomes cold
Everything begins to freeze.
And if it's not ice
It's stone.
You no longer care about being warm.
You just want to be rid of the cold.
Away from the winter bitterness
And away from the numbing stings.
Then it becomes hot.
Things become a white-hot sensation
And you don't even know it.
Your mind is ablaze with anger.
You're no longer cold
But you are no warm either.
It's hot, but here's the thing:
You don't care.
You just want

to be rid

of everything

And so you say
Let it burn
:iconwhitesakura0:WhiteSakura0 2 5
Favorite lines of poetry
One really fun exercise for those of you who like analyzing your work and those that you admire is compiling a list of favorite lines from poets you love and comparing it to a list of lines you love from your own poems. That’s something I just discovered this morning and for a guy like me who likes catalogues and lists (sometimes more than the actual items displayed) it makes comparison a lot easier. It’s also helpful to see the differences in structure, tone, imagery, and diction between you (the fan) and the poet (the master).
T.S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot (1888-1965)
From “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
“Let us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table;”
“For I have know them all already, known them all,
Have known the evenings, mornings, and afternoons,
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons;”
“I have seen the moment of
:icontheglassiris:TheGlassIris 1 0
an apology to anyone who'll listen
   It begins with a wish
and ends with a sigh.
I am in love with boys who
don't exist and girls who I sometimes
pretend are myself. Spineless,
spiteful, and one hundred percent
   I'm becoming undone.
When I was
younger I thought it
was a sin if
your parents didn't
love each other. Now I
know that it's
just the way this world works.
    And hell,
I need you right now;
    to tell me that
    gaining four pounds in
    three days is typical
    to tell me that
    living in a dream every
    second is perfectly okay
    to tell me that
    I'm normal, that I'm
    still sane, that I'm not
    going to close my
    eyes one day and never
    open them again.
Don't look at me.
   Please, just
 don't look
at me.
  I can't remember
    the last time I
       had no regrets.
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 348 159
the world of pregnancy and childbirth
has been boiled down to the white,
neurologically healthy babies
in pink and blue knit caps.
“that one,” says the tearful father.
“she’s beautiful,” says the nurse
while the mother rests.
but why is it
that the default image of motherhood
is a white middle-class couple with a picket fence
and a golden retriever?
“hey honey,
let’s postpone that cruise to the caribbean
and make a baby.”
what about the prostitutes
who get pregnant?
what about the girls in africa
who carry their rapist’s babies?
what about the babies left on the firehouse steps?
what about the welfare mothers
who run
because they can’t pay the hospital fees?
who have heroin tracks on their arms
(like stitches that can’t hold them together)
where the patient bracelet is snapped on?
what about the 500,000 american children
waiting to get adopted?
what about miscarriages and women
who can never have kids?
we preach for the
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 181 129
The Stories of Font
Times New Roman
in columns, columnal in white.
like a wicked witch, slowly easing
into water.
on the world with a soldier’s eye.
like lovers a thousand miles apart.
The first thing I said to her
she was too thin for words.
She copied styles and fashions
off of arial for heaven’s sake.
Verdana, my dear, you are plain
and you are white. What else
have you to show but nakedness
in the light?
The shyest girl in class,
the picked-on child, shoved
into a closet as the sun
broke out over Venus.
The daughter who dreamed
of the surface as fish
floundered and wheedled,
cajoled her not to think
of such thoughts, her eyes
turned skyward, enraptured
by all the blessings
that sank down
for her to rename.
The mythic woman, who drove
a stake into her father’s heart,
had the gall to call him Daddy.
Who burned a woman to death
with an enchanted (read: cursed)
coat. And all for the slighting
of a lover, for a broken promise.
The old woman, slowly
:icontheglassiris:TheGlassIris 3 1
Tom Hiddleston: Polygon Portrait by Kabudragon Tom Hiddleston: Polygon Portrait :iconkabudragon:Kabudragon 2,723 375
                                       How are you?
I am fine, thank you.
                                                                      Stop lying…
                                   How was your weekend?
It was great, tons of fun!
                                              Besides the nights I spent crying….
                                 Are you sure you’re okay?
:iconevannavanyaeliska:EvannaVanyaEliska 1,721 658
Scribblenaut Unmasked End all Be all by br-it Scribblenaut Unmasked End all Be all :iconbr-it:br-it 3 3



good lord i'm back from since forever

serious things
ive changed my major so that's a thing i guess.
that also means two more years in college if everything goes well
i'm doing research so that's also a thing, data collection is fun, but writing it up is not fun

some changes
i'm not gonna put serious writing up here, i'll leave whatever is here as is, as unedited or edited as possible
i might put scribbles or whatever but this account is more of a hobby thing than anything really
catch me on tumblr or twitter or elsewhere
catch me outside
how about that?

Journal History


Call Me Applespot (Carissa)
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
alright, rewriting this stuff since the last one wasn't exactly a good bio.
Name's Carissa.
apparently a type of bush according to wikipedia but everyone knows that you shouldn't trust wikipedia do what you will.

Occasionally I obtain an inspiration to do something, and before I forget (which is usually) I sometimes actually do it.
Feel free to comment on my work.
I do need the feedback to expand my tentacles of perception.

Might do some commissions once I start doing them.


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